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Belka-DX radio receiver with built-in speaker is designed for listening to radio stations with AM, NFM and SSB modulation as well as to CW signals at frequency range 1.5 - 31 MHz.
Case size - 85x50x20mm, low weight - about 100 g.  High sensitivity is realized when receiving on a telescopic antenna. Despite, Belka-DX works excellent with full-size antenna.
In the high cutoff it is possible to adjust the audio bandpass from 2 to 4 kHz.  In the low cutoff - from 50 to 300 Hz. In telegraph mode the frequency band is about 300 Hz with regulated pitch from 500 Hz to 1 kHz.
The settings of the favorite radio stations can be stored in any of 32 memory cells.
Note: Battery capacity is reduced from 2200 to 1250 mAh.
The built-in LI-Ion battery allows to work on it for about 12 hours.
In addition to the built-in battery the receiver can also work from an external DC voltage source of 5 V.

For maximum sensitivity when listening on the built-in speaker, hold the receiver in your hands or use a ground plane. For this purpose you may use a charging cable connected to the device.

Belka-DX has now analogue IQ output for viewing panorama on a computer.

User Manual Belka DX

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Belka-DX Receiver with built-in speaker

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